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Back after a break, caused by a tweet I made in the summer months. Said tweet had an image that attracted a certain amount of excitement (though precisely no one I know not connected with politics in general or Brexit in particular mentioned it to me). The tweet taught me a couple things. First in the world of social media, a picture paints a thousand words, because I have said far more in tweets without images, and been totally ignored. Second, too many of those who wish to save England from fascism lack the will to do what it takes to achieve this.

My email address remains 'myfirstname@thisdomain'.

The 'face book' stuff (I don't use facebook, for reasons which ought to be obvious)

At the present time my working days are taken up with my micro business Red Kite Electrical. I continue to try to do quality work for people who understand that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, but in Brexit Britain this is an increasing challenge. Also work 'on the tools' doesn't get any easier as I get closer to 60 than 50.

Most of my leisure time I still spend sailing, mostly on Poole Harbour.

My wife Alicia is now Commercial Director of a rail franchise.

Son and heir (Ned) has now begun his career in accountancy, having graduated from UWE. He resents the necessity of having to go to university, thanks to changes inflicted on the education system during his life time. At least he got to be one of the last to British Erasmus students, and his employer is part of German group. His ambition is to get out of the UK at the earliest opportunity.

Son and spare (Alfie), continues to read History and Economics at his Dad's alma mater, Keele University, which amuses me and irritates him. Alfie missed a vote on the Brexit disaster by 3 months.

There that wasn't difficult was it? Who needs Mr. Zuckerburg? (Answer: no one with half a brain)


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